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Preschool in Roanoke, VA

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At HoneyTree, we bring you one of the best preschools in Roanoke, VA. HoneyTree’s quality pre-kindergarten program will not only prepare your child for the kindergarten essentials of reading, math, and writing, but also for paying attention, following directions, and getting along with others.

HoneyTree's Pre-K program provides a focus on:
Curriculum that meets the milestones and SOL guidelines required
·Regular progress reports and parent conferences
·Transition reports sent directly to your child’s kindergarten teacher
·PALS Testing
·Daily meals included in tuition
2 Monthly educational field trips

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Sign your child up at one of the most amazing preschools in Roanoke, VA. Call us today at 540-344-4543, and we’ll get you started.

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For Enrollment questions, or for general information, contact us at 540.344.4543 or use our online contact form.

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Scientific Conceptual Projects

This is a great activity that allows your child to feel what it’s like to participate in a science experiment. We will have them measure out, pour, feel, hear, and (when appropriate) get an understanding of the flavor of their creation (oatmeal). Some of the materials your kids will be working with are shaving cream, sand, water, and other child-safe products/environments. This is a great way for kids to socialize and work together to understand scientific concepts.

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Shaping and Building Blocks

Building with objects of various shapes and sizes, such as rectangles, circles, polygons, and more, allows your child to learn how to proportionally align multiple objects together. Our preschool program teaches kids how to create and form ideas on how to build, stack, and design. They will also explore concepts like gravity, problem solving, and learning how to interact with other children as they participate in these activities together.

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Dramatic Role Activity

Here, we allow the creative mind to take over and allow kids to use their imaginations and combine them with real-life situations. They will discover, engage, and use conceptual thinking as they participate in dramatic play. Your children will take on new roles, function as a team, and alternate turns as they play together.

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Mathematical Designs

Here, your child will use creative tools like Legos, lacing cards, engaging puzzles, and other hands-on activities to help them develop those fine motor skills, become more aware of the space around them, and establish hand-eye coordination. They design and construct large buildings, and discover why specific objects such as towers need a larger base to support their framework.

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Artistic Creations

This activity differs from the others in that it gives your child a chance to create something from scratch. There are no Legos or building blocks incorporated into this project. Expect your child to return home with a sense of accomplishment as they show you a new creation they designed themselves. This builds confidence, character, and teaches your child new skills they can carry with them into adulthood.

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