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After School Daycare in Roanoke, VA

Serving over 50 area elementary schools!

HoneyTree provides one of the safest and most renowned after school daycares in Roanoke, VA. HoneyTree is OPEN when schools close for weather and on teacher workdays, so you’re never stranded without a fun, safe, and exciting place for your child while you work. We provide transportation to and from most area schools. For a complete listing of schools we service, click here.

Throughout the year, our children enjoy special field trips to bowling, skating, and our private aquatic center with gymnasium when school is out. Many of our school-age children also participate in our Summer Camp program. This year's theme is HoneyTree All Stars!

afterschool1Expanding your child’s mind . . . one day at a time.

Homework/educational enrichment area – We provide a designated place for working on homework or other educational enrichment activities. Also on hand are word games and crossword puzzles. We even challenge your child with science projects and brainteasers!

Art Center – The art center is a place for children to show their most creative artistic side. It is filled with materials appropriate for the skill level that will inspire your child to create masterpieces.

Board Games Area – The board games area has a shelf filled with board games that interest the children and several places for them to be played at a table with chairs, a low table with floor pillows, or perhaps even a rug on the floor for lounging and playing.

The Chill Zone – The chill zone is an area for relaxation and relating to peers. It has comfy, school-aged children-sized furniture that encourages students to stop and “chill.” Things like pillows, books and magazines, a sofa table for game play so conversation and relaxation abound here. A TV is used sparingly!

Book or Library Center – The book or library center is a quiet area for your child to look at a variety of books. Age appropriate magazines are a favorite choice for school age students.

Technology Center – This center has a Smart Board and is setup for students to use in both group and individual activities as school enrichment. They also have access to iPads loaded with many games and educational activities.

Drama Area – Here we provide the opportunity, accessories, and space for students to use the expressive arts. Karaoke, acting, singing, and dancing might all be encouraged.

Transportation and Block Center – Your children learn spatial development, logical thinking skills, small motor skills, and get lots of practice interacting and playing in this popular center.

Character Counts Program

The CHARACTER COUNTS! program is taught at HoneyTree’s after school daycare. This program enables adults to teach the Six Pillars of Ethics –responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness and citizenship — in ways that children of all ages may understand. This program provides a unified approach, which, in and of itself, strengthens the program.

For more information on CHARACTER COUNTS! and the National CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition, a project of the Josephson Institute, visit www.charactercounts.org.

Secure your spot at HoneyTree’s after school care in Roanoke, VA by calling us today.

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For Enrollment questions, or for general information, contact us at 540.344.4543 or use our online contact form.

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Engaging Science Activities

Our program brings science to life and allows the children to create, manipulate, and participate in complex, yet enjoyable scientific projects. Kids have the opportunity to observe, feel, listen, and—on occasion—sample their creations. Your children will utilize all the scientific steps necessary to make these projects come to life. They will measure, pour, identify the physical materials, and much more with this engaging program.

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Educational Blocks

These amazing, fun shapes help your children discover mathematical concepts. This activity also teaches your child how to solve problems, discover the law of gravitational pull, and create new ideas involving critical thinking for designing new builds. The learning block helps kids uncover what it takes to design large-scale buildings, which require a larger base to support the size of the structure. Kids can engage, socialize, and create friendships as they work together with team-building exercises to create new buildings, houses, and towns.

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dramatic play

The focus of this activity allows kids to discover new areas of socializing. We teach kids how to collaborate, switch roles, and participate in group activities, allowing your child to learn how to play with others. This helps kids learn how to explore different ways to engage their imaginations as well as incorporate real-life concepts.

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Math & Manipulative

From problem-solving puzzles and Lego designs, to creating lacing cards, the primary focus of this activity is to allow your child to develop those fine motor skills, problem solve, develop eye-hand coordination, and engage in social activities with other children. Kids work together in groups or pairs and create fun designs, allowing them to collaborate and share ideas.

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Creative Activities

Children discover the principles of colors, shapes, and lines. Here, your child will have the chance to build something real, allowing them to engage in physical activity that will help with their muscular development. From start to finish, kids have the opportunity to enjoy that feeling of accomplishment from creating a design project from scratch.

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