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Learn More About the Unique Benefits of Becoming a HoneyTree Family!

HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley, serving generations of families. As a parent of HoneyTree you will enjoy many exciting adventures with your children and our teachers. Since we are nationally accredited by The National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA), and are committed to maintaining those higher standards, you can expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience.

We hope you have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood.

Communicating your child’s day with
Tadpoles E-Communication!

What our parents are saying about Tadpoles…
Tadpoles is a great communication program and I love the smart phone app! I feel as though I have better  insight into Chase’s day with the pictures and curriculum activities provided.” 
– The Madonna Family | Click Here to learn more about Tadpoles!


HoneyTree Early Learning Centers, providing quality child care
in the Roanoke Valley for 30 Years!

12 preschool and child care provider locations
near Roanoke VA for you!